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The complete Clever Tykes series comprising of Walk-it Willow, Code-it Cody and 免费上谷歌的加速器! Save over 15% by purchasing all three titles at once and benefit from all of the key messages from the Clever Tykes books.

Check out our reviews to hear from parents and teachers who have noticed a positive change in their children’s behaviour and mindset after reading them!

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“Eva’s attitude has changed since reading the Clever Tykes books. She has started putting a lot more effort into everything. Challenges no longer end in tears, Eva is stopping to think of ways she can solve problems rather than getting upset and feeling defeated. Definitely a sign the books have helped instil positive enterprising behaviour.”

The Clever Tykes books bring positive, entrepreneurial role models to life. The modern characters inspire children to follow their dreams and work hard to overcome challenges they may face.

Now read in every primary school in the UK, the stories prove popular with children ages 6, 7, 8 & 9 with a range of interests.

The storybooks are versatile teaching resources suitable for KS2:

• Guided reading
• Enterprise education
• Circle time and class reading
• PSHE or citizenship
• Comprehension
• English texts
• The basis for maths and art & design tasks

Walk-it Willow is a story about a budding dog-walker who realises she can provide a valuable service to her neighbours. However, things take a turn for the worse when Willow walks too many dogs at once.

海外加速器永久免费版 follows the interests and ambitions of computer-whizz, Cody. When Mr Chip sees his potential, he encourages him to enter a competition with a computer game of his own.

Change-it Cho is a story about a girl with a passion for inspiring positive change. Cho loves running and eating healthily and wants to spread her enthusiasm with her school friends. However, not everyone is receptive of her ideas!

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    My children thoroughly enjoyed these books, my partner read a little bit each night at bed time and they couldn’t wait to read more. As two self employed parents we want our children to think outside the parameters that are typically set and strive to make their own successes in life.

    You can never start moulding young minds too soon and clearly the books are enjoyable to boot!

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    Amazon Review

    Truly inspirational the Clever Tykes series should be available for each child to read.

  3. Amazon Review

    Amazon Review

    Both as a parent and teacher (of the target key stage) I was extremely impressed by this series of books. They are beautifully presented, extremely accessible for all literacy levels (set at a reading age of 8), even the font used is perfect for promoting literacy development. We loved the characters in each of the books and felt that we really got to know Cody, Willow and Cho.

    Each book is teeming with positivity. All characters are relatable to, whether it’s a teacher, one of the main child characters or the people in the wider community that they encounter – effective children’s books need to be relatable, need to be based in real life situations in order for many readers to gain full benefit from them.

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    Amazon Review

    The books have arrived and I have really enjoyed reading them! I really like how they provide concrete plans about how the children reach their goals. I think it will empower the children to follow their dreams!

    I really like the fact that Cody is wearing hearing aids, my daughter has two children with hearing impairment in her class and she enjoyed talking about this when we looked at the books together. It will be a pleasure to review and recommend the books

  5. Amazon Review

    Amazon Review


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    Each of the Clever Tykes books are written perfectly to keep children interested, the pages aren’t cramped with words and there are illustrations on most pages, really helping to fuel their imagination.

    Let’s face it, if we were to tell children that they were reading a book that could even be slightly educational, then most kids would pass. They want fun reads with exciting characters and that’s what Clever Tykes gives them, it has a hidden message of entrepreneurship for children.

    The great thing about each of the Clever Tykes books is that they include likeable characters, that children can relate to. If as parents we were to try and encourage our children to eat healthily they’d probably eat a chocolate bar to spite us, but if a character like Cho, that they like is passionate about healthy eating and are working hard to encourage others, that could be what sparks an interest in them.

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  8. Amazon Review

    Amazon Review

    The characters in all three books are inspiring and relatable to young children. They all face challenges to overcome, and all work hard to put their plans into action. It’s so nice to see characters that are in more realistic situations, rather than the usual fighting monsters or rescuing the princess.

    I’ve been really impressed with these books. Walk-It Willow has made my 6 year old think about how she could earn more pocket money. She loves anything technology related and has already been learning a bit of coding at school so Code-it Cody was right up her street. I think Clever Tykes’ job is done with inspiring this one to be an entrepreneur! Change-it Cho is very handy for backing up what we try to tell her about not eating too many sweets, we’ve had a lot of “Is this good for me?” questions since reading this story.
    It’s also a great read to encourage kids to stand up for what they believe in – something that we all want our kids to do.

  9. Amazon Review

    Amazon Review

    My daughter Iris is eight, and although she’s a good reader, she rarely chooses to read at home. However, she absolutely loved these books and insisted on bringing them on holiday with us to read to herself and out loud to her little brother. She enjoyed the messages in the book and I think was particularly taken with the portrayal of strong, female leads – always a good thing! She has been asking me since when there are going to be more books in the series, so this is my only complaint – why are there only three! Get a move on Clever Tykes, you have an eager audience awaiting the next story!

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    The books are designed to inspire positive and effective behavioural changes, so they are the perfect educational read for children who have a desire to learn. We read them for several weeks and a particular favourite was Cho! The behavioural changes were small but definitely noticeable. Firstly, we loved reading time more than before and I found that a lot more questions were being asked regarding important topics. This series of books is definitely valuable to children 8+, and it has made my job as a parent, educator and role model a lot easier.

  11. Amazon Review

    Amazon Review

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  12. Amazon Review

    Amazon Review

    Inspiring books to encourage kids to work hard, solve problems and become entrepreneurs! I think they are an amazing idea! They send an entrepreneurial message to youngsters, encourage hard work, honesty and integrity. They also prove how dedication and creativity can turn a passion into a business. They are perfect for inspiring kids to believe in themselves and this is definitely something important to us! Being self employed myself I want to teach my kids that anything is possible and they can have enjoyable careers doing what they love when they grow up. These books definitely support and inspire this thinking.

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    Excellent books, a great read for kids. My small boy has been a bit reluctant to read, but recently has become much more keen, and these books are great for encouraging reading, and he’s found them easy and enjoyable. Matthew says he likes the stories because they make him feel good and make him smile, and he really likes the way the children in the books go out and do things that are clever and interesting and how they work hard to get what they want and learn. These books are designed to be real life and inspiring, and help children to see that they can go beyond and do things that they want to do, and that they are special and amazing.

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    E (10) and T (8) found the books very enjoyable to read and they sat and read them alone. E our animal lover related to Willow’s story and T liked Cody’s story the best. As H has Autism I sat with him on seperate evenings to read the books. Personally I liked Cho’s story and H liked Willow’s. Reading the books I liked how the pages were formatted. The font chosen was easy to read and none of the pages were overloaded with text. T is really keen to read books with chapters so that appealed to him and gave him spaces where he could break off from reading. We all liked the illustrations from Sam Moore, for H especially it gave us something to chat about on the page.

  15. Amazon Review

    Amazon Review

    A few weeks after reading the books I am continuing to see subtle changes in their thinking. Less frustration when something goes wrong. Not being quite so defeatist if they can’t do something the first time. Of course we still have plenty of tears and stomps too, but they are still growing and developing.

  16. Amazon Review

    Amazon Review

    We bought this lovely collection of books and a great buy at that. Highly recommend this purchase. We just finished reading code-it cody. We purchased the teacher notes which really helped me to help my children push boundaties and think outside the box. I think the books are very well written and characters were very relatable. We integrated code-it cody cross curricularly in English/maths/business enterprise/coding… there’s so much to take from these books. I think we all enjoyed the experience. It really gives an added dimension to learning. The concept of us all being different but equal resonated with me which i embedded in the children.

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    Amazon Review

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Personally, I think these books are fantastic. Eva’s attitude has changed since reading them. She has started putting a lot more effort into everything. Challenges no longer end in tears since Eva read the Clever Tykes books.

Eva is stopping to think of ways she can solve problems rather than getting upset and feeling defeated. Definitely a sign the books have helped instil positive enterprising behaviour.

Ember, Relentlessly Purple

A few weeks after reading the books I am continuing to see subtle changes in their thinking. Less frustration when something goes wrong. Not being quite so defeatist if they can’t do something the first time.

We try to teach the kids by modelling the behaviours we would like them to display and Willow, Cody and Cho are fantastic role models. Each story shows them facing a problem or difficulty and finding an enterprising solution.

Laura Morningstar

I can see these books have the potential to really help create a young generation of go-getters and change-makers! I seriously cannot recommend these stories enough. Parents and educators – check them out!

The books are very well written and provide awesome role-models who children can relate to, and encourage thinking outside the box and creativity. They genuinely empower children!

Katie Desborough
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